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Zesta Puntaren Lagunak



The group of Markina-Xemein, Zesta Puntaren Lagunak, works for the enhancement and to rescue the tangible and intangible patrimony associated to the sports of “Cesta Punta”.

For this reason, it presents this platform that has a main objective for their preservation, the collection of global documents linked with the “Cesta Punta”, such as, photographs, special events, posters and others. In addition to this, we would like to publicize and encourage the study and dissemination of this Basque sport.




Markina-Xemein is a town in the province of Vizcaya, situated in the region of Lea-Artibai, Basque Country. The historic center has a medieval origin, and it has numerous archaeological sites, such as the cave of Kobau and Axpe, the dolmens the Kalamua´s and Urko´s tomb.

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the Camino de Santiago road goes through this town. But, Markina-Xemein, stands out above all for its close relationship with the tip Basket.







The group of Zesta Puntaren Lagunak, would like to contribute to publicize the events that it organizes periodically.

In addition to this, they archive the patrimony of documentation that they have and receive.





The file "Zesta Puntaren Lagunak" has more than 2,000 players who have played around the world.







The fronton (pelota court) of Markina-Xemein is known as THE PELOTA UNIVERSITY, for having instructed great pelota players. Moreover, there are more than 170 documentations about frontons located around the world.




One of the main objectives of “Zesta Puntaren Lagunak” is to preserve and to expand the documents about Zesta Punta. For this reason, we are conducting interviews with pelotaris.